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  1. W

    Netflix Audio Formats

    Hello! Thank you for making this wonderful software, I discovered it today and I bought a license within the hour! Ideally, I'd like to download videos in 5.1 surround as either (plain) AC3 or AAC. Netflix appears to offer the following: The second option ("192kbps") appears to be AAC...
  2. SystemIdleProcess

    [Request] Auto Selection Settings

    I'm sorry if I missed someone else requesting this, I searched but couldn't find it. It would be nice if we could set preferences related to the auto selected video and audio options on the download screen. Video: I know video could be a little difficult because I have found that it's not...
  3. lajoes

    Audio Tracks - I'm not sure anymore

    I'm not sure which audio track to download at times. I recently learned that DDPlus = Dolby Digital and HE-AAC = High Efficiency Advance Audio Code, and DDPlus Atmos is for the 'upward' firing speaker systems; and the number after indicates stereo or 5.1 I don't have an Atmos system, so it...