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  1. DeepSpace

    Discussion Unlabelled audio track on Amz

    This thread is about the new show "Joko Winterscheidt Presents - The World's Most Dangerous Show". It has a new kind of audio track that hasn't been used before (or I've never seen it until this show's release). As you can see in the screenshot, it is labelled as "Undefined". Amz calls it...
  2. DeepSpace

    Discussion Possible new audio stream on Amz

    I've just read this (german) article that reports about a new audio stream on Amz that boosts the parts of the dialogue that are barely audible. I checked the first episode of Jack Ryan and I can see it in the browser. However, AS doesn't show it, and there are some "duplicates" in the log...
  3. D

    Resolved Unable to Decrypt this Stream

    Been trying to get Thorium, The Far Side of Nuclear (2020) which I rented. Whenever I attempt to download Anystream comes up with this error.
  4. DeepSpace

    Question Audio Bug and a question

    I already discovered the first issue month ago, but I think I never posted it (and it still exists). The second one is new, although I cannot say how long it might be there as I haven't checked this movie ever before. When opening the documentary "Salzburg" (the second video in the log...
  5. AnyGuy42085

    Amazon Rental - AS+ Download, Content Activation Status, and The 48 Hour Return Window

    After reading this forum and figuring out that I can rent movies from Amazon and use AS+ to download them, I went ahead and gave it a shot. It worked perfectly! Amazon gives you 30 days to start a rental and 48 hours from the time of starting it to finish the content. I read on this forum that...
  6. R

    Not a RedFox Issue Anystream issue Prime

    I have a problem with amazon prime, active subscription, any video i put to download freezes, it starts at high download speed but after a few seconds it freezes and stays stuck. I waited up to 5h but it never completed the download. The network works great during the download, I did some...
  7. JCH.H

    Resolved unable to decrypt stream for Leverage Redemption s02e08

    Hi, Leverage Redemption s02e08 - unable to decrypt stream. Logs attached - cheers! J.
  8. D

    Resolved Help Troubleshoot: AnyStream collects only 25 episodes from Amazon Prime (missing download titles)

    Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot but not able to find a cause/resolution. I'm downloading Classic Doctor Who from Amazon Prime but Seasons 1 and 2 have more episodes available than AnyStream is presenting for me to download, and I confirmed via logs it's only "collecting" 25 episodes for each...
  9. DeepSpace

    Amz - Rings of Power issue

    After installing the new update, I was about to try if the audio languages are still random. However, they added new things to Rings of Power in the meantime (Making of), and when I try to play it in the browser, it says that it is not available atm. In addition to that, I select Preview...
  10. W

    Resolved Amazon Prime Download Question

    I'm an Amazon Prime subscriber. Once I've paid to rent or buy a video on Amazon Prime Video, will I be able to download that same video using Anystream?
  11. SystemIdleProcess

    When Amz can't count and has 2 episodes with the same number only 1 can be downloaded

    This is very edge case but given that Amz isn't known for QA of the information on their site it probably happens more than it should. I found in the case of SpongeBob SquarePants Season 5 that Amazon listed 2 episodes as 12. This prevents AS from listing both within the Downloadable item(s)...
  12. Busaman

    Amazon - The Boys s03ep04 - Audio Bit Rate

    The 1st 3 episodes of season 3 have an audio bit rate of 640kpbs. However, the latest 4th episode only has 192kpbs as the highest. Not sure if an issue or it is the highest available. Just wanted to bring it to your attention. It is the same in version or the latest I try...
  13. Lobo_USA

    [ Request] Amazon Prime X-Ray downloads

    Hello, I searched for this topic and I couldn't find anything similar so I apologize if this was covered somewhere else. I'm using the trial version of AnyStream and so far I've been able to use Amazon Prime video. But I'm running into an issue with X-Ray content, which are extras that are...
  14. JCH.H

    [ Resolved] AP+ Con Air: "could not load Playlist: Connection refused"

    Hi, I am unable to download Con Air on Amazon Prime, I get the error: Could not load Playlist Connection refused I have attached my logs. Any hints would be appreciated. J.
  15. DeepSpace

    Rakuten TV - X-Factor not available [solved], Amz jp other errors

    (I haven't read the other threads yet, so I cannot know if some things regarding Rakuten TV have been mentioned already.) As the title states, I cannot open X-Factor in AS. It was not possible with and is not possible with the recent version Howewer, I can watch it in my...
  16. JCH.H

    [ Resolved] AP: "unable to decrypt this stream" Picard s02e02

    Hi, Problem with "Picard" s02e02 "Server error: Sorry, but we are currently unable to decrypt this stream." I was able to download "Upload" season 2 a couple of minutes ago. Logs attached. cheers. J.
  17. Breakaway

    Ripping Replay from Amazon Prime Video Livestream

    As the title says, I am trying to rip the replay from an award show streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime. There are two streams listed for the show, the red carpet and the award show. AnyStream is only detecting 1 downloadable video - the red carpet. Is there anyway to have it download the...
  18. DeepSpace

    Thank you and a known bug

    After reading the threads that 1080p is back I tried the things I only got SD from again and was happy to see that I always got 1080p now! Even though I cannot understand why you think it is not neccessary to make an announcement, especially for the people that don't follow this forum or just...
  19. R

    Amazon prime error message

    Windows 11 64 bit laptop. AS Beta This message pops up when selecting any download. Even on titles that I purchased. "Anystream could not load the page due to an error. Error code: ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME"
  20. G

    Amazon Prime Subtitles wrecked

    With AnyStream (64-bit), and also AnyStream (64-bit), I've noticed glitched out subtitles on a download from Amazon Prime. "Jack Reacher (2012) - S01E03 - Black 22" apparently has two English subtitles, forced and assistive. Both of them end up with zero timestamps for captions...