• AnyStream is having some DRM issues currently, Netflix is not available in HD for the time being.
    Situations like this will always happen with AnyStream: streaming providers are continuously improving their countermeasures while we try to catch up, it's an ongoing cat-and-mouse game. Please be patient and don't flood our support or forum with requests, we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved. Thank you.

amazon prime

  1. B

    Request Untertitel

    Hallo liebes RedFox Team, Nach Antwort eurer E-Mail-Anfrage soll ich mein Anliegen hier im Forum posten: Und zwar habe ich derzeit das Problem, dass beim Download in bestimmten Amazon Prime Channels, in diesem Falle „Crunchyroll“, die Untertitel nicht implementiert werden, obwohl sie...
  2. Jambopaul

    Question Prime Video - Limited Ads Plan

    I just got a notification upon opening up Prime Video that they now have "limited ads" and that I can upgrade to an ad-free plan for a slightly higher cost. I know that with Hulu, it is still possible to properly download content with AnyStream on the ad-supported plan. Should this also be the...
  3. D

    Question Amazon Prime - Issue with Partial Download of Bengals vs. Ravens Game on AnyStream

    Subject: Issue with Partial Download of Bengals vs. Ravens Game on AnyStream Dear RedFox/AnyStream Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to report a problem I encountered while using AnyStream version I attempted to download last night's NFL game...
  4. N

    Question Amazon - Downloading only the 2nd period

    Hi staff On prime video by the Ligue 1 Amazon Pass, i wanted to download football games of my favorite team but as the title say, the file begin when the 2nd period start, to be more precise, it seems to start when the commercial ends. I tried with other games and same results There is the...
  5. N

    Resolved Amazon Prime Tab Empty

    When I open AnyStream the tab for Amazon Prime, it is empty. Log file attached.
  6. R

    Question Anysteam compatibility with Amazon 2FA?

    Is 2FA supported in Anystream for addition of the Amazon Prime provider? If not, is there a method to exclude the internal Anystream browser when enabling 2FA on the linked Amazon account?
  7. M

    Resolved AmazonPrimeのシーズンモノが途中からダウンロードできない。

    「千原ジュニアの座王 シーズン1」に関して、48エピソードまであるが、ダウンロードできるのが、冒頭25エピソードまでとなっており、26~48エピソードがダウンロードできません。ご確認よろしくお願い致します。
  8. D

    Resolved Unable to Decrypt this Stream

    Been trying to get Thorium, The Far Side of Nuclear (2020) which I rented. Whenever I attempt to download Anystream comes up with this error.
  9. donaf

    Resolved AP Gilligan's Island - Download Error on Some Episodes

    I'm not sure if this is related to the AP problem noted in the banner. My apologies if it is, but it doesn't appear to me to match it per my experience. Neither of these two Gilligan's Island: Season 1 (Episodes 2 & 31) on AP will download. For example, when I view the log in AS+ I can see...
  10. J

    Question download purchased / rented video from Amazon Prime

    After a couple of searches of the forum I could not find an answer. If I rent or purchase a video from Amazon Prime is there any problem downloading it? I can't see that there would be but I wanted to verify prior to purchasing the video from Amazon.
  11. Z

    AnyStream shuts down after 1 AP download

    Hey guys, this issue almost feels like a setting, but I can't find anything that would cause this. Basically I queue up a few episodes to download and after 1 is downloaded, AnyStream completely closes. I just tried a few on disney+ and netflix and I don't have this issue with those providers...
  12. T

    Resolved Can't get to Prime Video within Amazon

    Maybe someone can tell me what may be the problem here... Today when I go into the AnyStream Prime tab and click on "Prime Video", no movies are shown... ... I can navigate to other parts of Amazon but nothing's coming up under Prime Video. No such issue in a normal browser. Not...
  13. JCH.H

    AZ: Goodfellas (1990) SD only?

    Hi, Can some kind soul check whether they can download Goodfellas in HD? The best I can see is 960x540. thanks!
  14. S

    HD Download Problem with IMDB over AP

    Having problems with downloading IMDB TV Series in HD over AP. Using Apparently AS+ allows you to download the highest res audio but not it's HD equivalent...:( Tried these TV Series: - The Military Tech Show - Lie to Me Attached ASlog file Also see snapshot attached
  15. JCH.H

    IMDB on AP: Person of Interest

    Does anyone know why "Person of Interest" is free (with adverts) on IMDB/AP on my Apple TV, but on my Mac (and AS) it requires payment? cheers.
  16. W

    "... we are working on it 24/7 to get it resolved, but it will take a few days."

    I purchased an Anystream Plus lifetime subscription when it was on sale at the beginning of Xmas week based on what I hoped would be swift progress, specifically resolving Amazon Prime DRM issues. I had much better luck using a limited, free trial version of DVDFAB's StreamFab application and...
  17. M

    Is there a section to request downloads?

    I've see multiple users ask for downloads to see if the issues they were having were also happening to others. Some seem to get it to work, some don't. I think this would be a pretty useful section to add somewhere on here. If not, I'd like to request the Kanye & Drake Concert on AP. I'm...
  18. DoubleDs

    AP still downloading pass expiration

    Hi RedFox, Keep up the great work! I was busy using your app to download all the Star Trek TNG before I found out it will expire on the eve of 1/1/2022. So, I knew I wouldn't be able to get all the seasons before the time runs out. The last episode (26) on some seasons will not show in the batch...
  19. donaf

    AS Prime Search during download resulted in loss of progress status

    AS+ allowed me to do a search in Amazon Prime during a Prime video download. Once it returned the search items, I then lost the progress bar (where's my download and the status... dunno!). I then went back and tried to re-download the same item that it was downloading and it crashed...
  20. A

    Amazon Prime US from Germany VPN problem

    Good evening. I am trying to download documentaries (Amazon Prime) from the US while my location is Germany. My Amazon Prime account is in Germany but I can download most documentaries from the US store using a VPN (ExpressVPN). However, one file out of a set of ten documentaries always...