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a rip tool is running

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    Blind [UK] – Axiom Films BD.

    Title: Blind (2014) Region code: It says region “Region Free” on the back of Blu-ray case. Country: UK Distributor: Axiom Films Blu-ray movie release date: 22 June 2015 Issue(s) in detail: 1) The Blu-ray disc appears to load normally with PowerDVD 15 Ultra i.e., the BD loads all the way to...
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    Sunset Song [UK] – Metrodome Blu-ray disc.

    Title: Sunset Song Region code: It says region “B” on the back of Blu-ray case and on the Blu-ray disc, and in the AnyDVD HD "Status" window it says “Determined region(s): B.”. Country: UK Distributor: Metrodome. Blu-ray movie release date: 4 April 2016 Issue(s) in detail: 1) The initial...