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      I have been reading many post and I just have to ask a very direct question expecting an elementary answer due to not very knowledgeable of blu ray duplication. First this is what I am working with:
      1.) Bufalo External Blu Ray burner
      2.) AnyDVD HD
      3.) Nero8 Ultra Edition with blu ray plugin
      4.) TDK 50 GB dual layer blank disk
      5.) Samsung BD P1500 Blu Ray player

      I've used DVD Clone with Anydvd for a long time. My problem is at first I bought some 25 GB disc from newegg and copied smaller blu rays like 10,000 B.C., Michael Clayton, Speed Racer, and etc. I learned quickly that most newer action movies like the Hulk 2 are at least 40 GB. I did my research and ordered some TDK 50 GB Blu Ray disc from Japan off ebay. I used nero by simply selecting copy disc and the resulting copy will not play on my Samsung player but has no problem playing on one of my friend's playstation 3. Please tell me where did I go wrong.
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