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    1. obalim
      From: Lowry Micheal
      City: Cocody, Abidjan
      Country: Côte D'Ivoire
      My private e-mail: lowry_micheal@live.fr

      Dear respectful,

      Allow me to inform you of my desire to enter into business relationship with you. My name is Lowry Micheal, the only son of late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lowry, my father was a merchant wealth Cocoa, the Director General of the Corporation for exports of cocoa (CEC) in the economic capital Abidjan in Ivory Coast . Before the sudden death of my father on November 30, 2007. He told me he has the sum of 9.2 million U.S. dollars dollars (nine million two hundred thousand U.S. dollars) deposited with my name as the closest relative in a bank here in the city of Abidjan. I have the deposit of documents with me here in the Guest House I currently reside for the safety of my life, I can send documents at the time of his application, hence, we can build more trust one another.

      Dear, I am humble looking for their help in the following ways:

      1. To provide a bank account where the money can be transferred Oversea
      for investment.
      2. To serve as my legal Guidi because I am a boy aged 19.
      3. To see a good school for me in your country where I can continue my
      educational career in medicine.

      I am ready to offer 20% of the total sum as compensation for their effort and contribution of 5% to trace any expenses that might make during the transfer, as well as telephone calls, transportation and a long etc.. Please send me your telephone and learn more about yourself, so you can present it to the bank and submit to the bank as guardian and trustee of my family.

      Thank you for everything in advance.

      Lowry Agbevo
      My private e-mail: lowry_micheal@live.fr
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