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  1. Paula Marthinsen
    Paula Marthinsen
    Can anyone help me with clone . It gets to 100% then i put blank in and it says it writting but its not doing anything.
  2. Pocketlips
    Pocketlips John
    How do I input my registration keys for AnyDVDHD & CloneDVD2 to my new computer. I have a lifetime membership. Would you please re-send them??
  3. jack kananian
    jack kananian
    When copying some videos, I get the message video is being copied without being transcoded. What does this mean please?
  4. John Bank
    John Bank
    Love Watching Movies
  5. Shashank
    Shashank MartyMcNuts
    Hi. I read here on the forum that you sell flashed UHD drives. I am looking to buy a drive that allows me to rip UHD to hard drive and later play with PowerDVD. I currently do this for regular blu rays - convert them to iso image and then play with powerdvd.
    What drives do you sell and price?
  6. coopervid
    LG 65 C7 TV; Denon AVR-4400 Receiver; LG UP970 UHD Player; Canton Speakers ATMOS Setup
  7. brucekay
    New Member
  8. Muji Muhammad
    Muji Muhammad
    oN tHE rOAD again...
  9. Demon-Spawn
    Die Welt brauch keine Klugscheisser. Sondern nur nette Menschen. *Wink*
  10. elementary
    先日AnyDVD HDとCloneDVDmobileのライセンスを購入しました。iPad Proで映画やドラマを観ています。
  11. Bert1952
    Samsung UE75MU6179 , Onkyo TX-NR656 , Zidoo Z9s , Teufel System THX 5.2.2
  12. Tim Jones
    Tim Jones
    don't know how to activate paid AnyDVD subscrption
  13. Pocketlips
    I just tried to back-up two different Blu-Ray discs and got response "File 0 I:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 1005" on both discs. Any advise?
  14. Wildweb
    Newby on the forum, but have been client since the sly guys started - love it!
  15. Sh33na8ZA
    I think there's a spelling error on your T&C...under Expiry: "lates" 31 December 2050. I am sure that is supposed to be "latest" ???
  16. Sound-E-Mission
    Sound-E-Mission TeddyRaspin
    Hi Teddy,

    I'm in the process of following your guide and I'm in awe!

    Do you accept paypal or any other thanks?
    1. TeddyRaspin
      thanks is enough.
      Dec 21, 2018
  17. Daniel T Kessler
    Daniel T Kessler Pete
    I am running Anydvd and created a log file for A Simple Favor that stops at 25% in CloneDVD2 any fixes?
  18. Don-kishot
    ...prima o poi,.....
  19. HITOMI HOSHINOsasuke8823
    HITOMI HOSHINOsasuke8823
  20. jon jones
    jon jones Pete
    Hi Pete,im hoping you can help,im not sure if im doing something wrong here,ive backed up THE PLAGUE S01 ,when i rip,i can watch,np,on powerdvd,windvd,i try vlc player and out of curious i changed itto A and C shows this screen,am i missing a setting as i have it set to remove region code,country code any ideas whould be apprecaited log >>> ty