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  1. Ghot1
    Ghot1 Tourist
    Hi bin seit heute neu dabei hier.

    Ich habe nun ein LG BE16 Nu50 mit 1.01 Fw ist das so zu belassen oder muss ich trotzdem was anderes drauf flashen um es UHD friendly zu ändern?
  2. Bronie
    Brand new dvd Wayward Pines season two will not back-up.
  3. Gundolf
    Gundolf Reto
    Hallo Reto,

    Passwort ist: clonebd_reto
  4. Saubermann
    Saubermann TeddyRaspin
    Hi. I have a Asus BC-12D2HT with FW 3.01, but can't find a clean FW 3.00 version. I have dumped the original FW already, but can't modify it... Can you help?
    1. TeddyRaspin
      Yes, send your firmware dump to the following mail address :
      Aug 28, 2018
  5. mholzap
    I resently installed Anydvd and clone dvd mobile on a new computer. I keep getting and encoder error.
  6. evron
    I need to change my email....have a different server now
  7. evron
    change email
  8. JollyJack
    JollyJack TeddyRaspin
    I am a complete tyro to this technology and often scratch my head in wonder as to how you guys seem to do things so effortlessly. I, too, have a recently acquired, LG lg bh16ns55. How do I check its firmware? and if no longer UHD-friendly how do I restore it to a friendly version? I don't seem to be able to find the guide you referred to in an earlier post. In anticipation. Thanks John Norris
    1. TeddyRaspin
  9. ningen1
  10. RISman
    RISman TeddyRaspin
    Ahh o.k. my NS40 is Feb 2017 but svc code is NS40. Not to worry I have one working drive now thanks.

    Worth asking

    Thanks again
  11. RISman
    RISman TeddyRaspin
    Hi Teddy, Sorry I haven't gotten round to trying the firmware you posted back to me sooner. I can confirm the firmware flash worked 100% now have a UHD friendly drive , thank you so much.

    I actually brought the WH16NS60 to replace a WH16NS40 I brought which didn't work.. won't recognise discs at all. Would the same mod make that one readable I just thought the drive itself was a dud before I stumbled on this forum?
    1. TeddyRaspin
      WH16NS60 can read UHD discs, WH16NS40 too but only models with SVC Code NS50 (i.e. units built in 2016-2017).
      Aug 8, 2018
  12. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Pete
    need help with lionsgate again. Anydvd Had 2 liongates today> 'Dark Crimes" went in fine. "Overboard kicked out clone 2 error
  13. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Peer
    I meant TRAFFIK
  14. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Peer
    looks like Lionsgate is at it again with traffic. Came up with error on ANYDVD Beta! Could you help?
  15. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Pete
    Can't load the movie "Chappaqiuddick" on anydvd to harddrive. Another heartbreaking Lionsgate Crappy issue! Could you help find a fix for tyhis issue?
  16. Giuseppe Iannuzzi
    Giuseppe Iannuzzi
    OV9-35K - Date: 2016-12-19 17:47:36 - Qty Item Price Tax Total ------ Totale: 104.89 USD
  17. Haisch Kevin
    Haisch Kevin Tourist
    Achja, es geht darum dass ich die UHD Scheiben lesen kann.
  18. Haisch Kevin
    Haisch Kevin Tourist
    Hi, habe in mehreren Foren von Ihnen gelesen.
    Habe ein LG BE 16 NU 50. Leider ist dort die neueste Firmware drauf. Kenne mich mit flashen etc. nicht aus. Könnten Sie mir das machen?

    Mfg Haisch
  19. bellbern
    bellbern Pete
    Whats up Pete?
    Having a problem with the rental dvd from Redbox
    called Acrimony. I wrote a thread with log file. Was
    hoping you could take a look and fix it as you always do.
  20. dega37
    dega37 TeddyRaspin