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  1. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Peer
    I meant TRAFFIK
  2. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Peer
    looks like Lionsgate is at it again with traffic. Came up with error on ANYDVD Beta! Could you help?
  3. zodiac80
    zodiac80 Pete
    Can't load the movie "Chappaqiuddick" on anydvd to harddrive. Another heartbreaking Lionsgate Crappy issue! Could you help find a fix for tyhis issue?
  4. Giuseppe Iannuzzi
    Giuseppe Iannuzzi
    OV9-35K - Date: 2016-12-19 17:47:36 - Qty Item Price Tax Total ------ Totale: 104.89 USD
  5. Haisch Kevin
    Haisch Kevin Tourist
    Achja, es geht darum dass ich die UHD Scheiben lesen kann.
  6. Haisch Kevin
    Haisch Kevin Tourist
    Hi, habe in mehreren Foren von Ihnen gelesen.
    Habe ein LG BE 16 NU 50. Leider ist dort die neueste Firmware drauf. Kenne mich mit flashen etc. nicht aus. K├Ânnten Sie mir das machen?

    Mfg Haisch
  7. bellbern
    bellbern Pete
    Whats up Pete?
    Having a problem with the rental dvd from Redbox
    called Acrimony. I wrote a thread with log file. Was
    hoping you could take a look and fix it as you always do.
  8. dega37
    dega37 TeddyRaspin
  9. ejowak
  10. JamesTKirk
    JamesTKirk TeddyRaspin
    Hi Teddy,
    Just a note to let you know that your modded firmware for my new LG drive worked great first time!
    I managed to rip my UHD version of 'The Fifth Element' to hard disk, then transfer to my QNAP server, and have streamed it over my Gb network - via my Oppo UDP-203 player - to my TV. Original picture and sound quality, no probs at all.
    Sincere thanks again for your help.
    1. TeddyRaspin
      You're welcome.
      May 29, 2018
  11. FurryGuy
    Your Desire to Snoop, meet my Right to Privacy
  12. trevor
    trevor Pete
  13. jonghotti
    I'm slow but not stopped......
  14. zodiac80
    lifetime memeber
  15. dylan stinson
    dylan stinson Stesmi
    Hi Stefan, I have Asus BW-16D1H-U PRO with an old original firmware (E104) and I would like to upgrade to A201 but from Asus I can only download A203,Do have you the original Asus FW flasher A201 or a firmware dump i can use
  16. JuhuRa
    JuhuRa TeddyRaspin
    Can you help me with the Dumping and Downgrading of my lg bh16ns55?
    1. TeddyRaspin
      It is all written in my own guide. What are your specific difficulties ?
      Apr 11, 2018
  17. Dana Lucent
    Dana Lucent
    Coming around
  18. Dan Mazurek
    Dan Mazurek
  19. Dan Mazurek
    Dan Mazurek
  20. Jarno Hautakorppi