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  1. axel_1999
    axel_1999 Stesmi
    Hi Stefan, I have Asus BW-16D1H-U PRO with an old original firmware (E104) and I would like to upgrade to A201 but from Asus I can only download A203, have you original Asus FW flasher A201? thanks..
  2. David_B
    David_B Terramex
    lol. You are two Borgs that don't get along well.
    1. Terramex
      We disagreed, but get along ...somehow.
      And he's not Borg but a Klingone ;)
      Mar 2, 2018
  3. David_B
    David_B Terramex
    I keep mixing up your avatar with @RedFox 1 now every time I see it lol.
    1. Terramex
      We are the Borg ‍;)
      Feb 24, 2018
  4. Terramex
    Resistance is futile
  5. Aeneas72
    Thanks to all the Wise Foxes out there doing their tremendous work!
  6. coodbe
    coodbe SLKabaker
    Thank you. I am expecting it to arrive from Amazon today. Hoping it has firmware 3.00, 3.01 or 3.02 and not 3.03.
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  7. coodbe
    coodbe godu
    RedFox 1 referred me to you for help with flashing the WH16NS40 that I just received. It came with ROM VER: 1.03 and and a SVC code of NS50. It was manufactured in November 2017. I want to flash it into a UHD friendly drive. I think the firmware needs to be at 1.02. I already have an official UHD drive, LG WH16NS40. Can you help me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You
  8. coodbe
    coodbe SLKabaker
    Where did you order your Aus Asus BW-16D1HT? I ordered the LG WH16NS40 but it came with firmware 1.3 on it.
    1. SLKabaker
  9. FoxNoob
  10. Jeremiah Walter
  11. kufo
    Mit dem dritten sieht man besser
  12. coopervid
    Early ripping with IfoEdit, DVDDecrypter, AnyDVD since 2006
  13. Dr.Love
  14. kufo
    Mit dem dritten sieht man besser
  15. sonic
    sonic Budge
    hi..i had the same problem with "the hitmans bodygaurd"...did u figure it out?
  16. neoonlinewallet
  17. Jstout
    Run a Plex on an old POS. Rip on the same thing. Lots of computers, nothing worth putting specs in here.
  18. RapperKiller
    RapperKiller tectpro
    hallo tectpro,
    Ich gehe mal da von aus das du die Lizens von deUHD hast.Ich stehe auch kurz da vor mir diese zu kaufen.Kannst du mir sagen, ob du Probleme mit der Kreditkartenzahlung hattest und welcher empfänger steht auf der Abrechnung.
    besten dank.
  19. freightliner195
  20. Cujoh
    'There's a brick wall, I think I'll beat my head against it, maybe twice.'